Fissure In Ano

Fissure in Ano is nothing but an anal ulcer or a tear in the anus causing severe pain and burning sensation along with bleeding during and after defaecation.
Fissure in Ano can be divided into two types based on chronicity. Acute fissure usually heals on its own within a period of 2 to 3 weeks where as chronic fissure has a deeper cut with or without a Sentinel pile or tag which does not heals and needs medical attention.


* Chronic diarrhoea or constipation.
* Straining while defecation.
* Crohn’s disease.
* Ulcerative colitis.
* Post delivery.


* Severe pain and burning sensation during and after defecation
* Bleeding
* Red blood streak on stools
* Skin tag in chronic fissure


* Intake of high fibre supplements
* Drinking plenty of water
* Avoid straining while defecation

When should you consult a doctor

* Severe burning sensation after defecation
* Severe bleeding during defecation
* Blood streaks on stools
* Skin tag