With Out Operation ! ! ! Cure Piles, Fistula & Fissure

Welcome to Malakar Anorectal clinic(MAC)

No surgery ! Complete cure for Anorectal disorders !
MAC is one of the renowned Anorectal clinic in the city with multidisciplinary Ayurvedic approach for all Anorectal disorders such as Haemorrhoids, Fistula in ano, Fissure in ano, Pilonidal sinus, Perianal abscess, Rectal polyp, Pruritus ani, etc. We mainly follow Kshara karma (medicated Ayurvedic alkaline procedure) for treating the anal disorders.

Advantages of MAC

1.No surgery.
2. No recurrence.
3. 100% cure
4. 0% incontinence
5.Complete Ayurvedic treatment
6.Low cost
7.Treated as OP

Do you have Anorectal disorder?

1.Bleeding per rectum while passing bowel
2. Pus discharge in and around the anus
3.Pain, itching, burning sensation and swelling in or around the anus
4. Chronic constipation
5.ass protruding out from anusm